Cent-OS Vs. Ubuntu

This is a preview into some thoughts I have regarding a full article on this subject currently I am using a number of Linux systems for various things such as web servers, email servers, network monitoring, firewall etc. I cannot really decide which Linux distro I prefer as I’m using 2x Ubuntu (Natty and Oneirc) and 3/4 Centos (5 and 6) – I find these are the best freebies but I cannot decide whether one is better than the other… time to do some testing



OK so I have to say that traditionally Ubuntu was my OS of choice; quick and easy to install, great package management and lots of good tools in the repositories…however, I have to say Cent-OS 5.7 and 6 are very powerful OSes. yum is a little fiddlier that aptitude but is just as effective and the overall feel of Cent-OS is that it is more stable and enterprise ready. I’m sure I will have more experiences as the months go on and I will post updates here…