End of an Era

After almost 2 years of hacking, configuring, fixing, uploading, manipulating, coding and moaning, my time working on the systems on Redsumo.com is drawing to a close.

It has sure been an adventure, overall a fun but challenging experience. I’ve had to reverse engineer someone else’s setup and code, work out new ways of managing a virtualised infrastructure, constantly adapt to the threats that face an online business and all within my usual day job.

In some ways I’m sad to see all my efforts literally disappear as the systems move to a dedicated hosting environment powered by cPanel. Sure I will keep my bits of code, and retain all the lessons I have learned, but it’s almost as if a part of me will be going forever over the next week or so!

Good luck to Redsumo.com in all their ventures in the future, and thank you for allowing me the experience of managing such a complex environment.

HTML 5 Video Code

With the new features of HTML5 being constantly shoved in our faces, I though I’d share a little snippet of code that adjusts the initial volume of a video on a HTML page- this particular example is used at http://www.redsumo.com/blog for the video header on the main page. The video was too loud when the client computer volume was at 100% so, we decided it needed lowering, without re-encoding the video.


<video id=“welcomevid” width=“620” height=“250” controls=“controls” autoplay=“autoplay” onplay=“document.getElementById(‘welcomevid’).volume=0.2;” ></video>

Note the id=“welcomevid” which is required in order to set the volume paramter in the DOM with the getElementById command.

Volume control is 0-1 with 0.5 being 50% etc. hence the use of 0.2 in this example.

Latest Websites

It’s been yet another busy couple of months, separated by my 10 days in sunny Georgia, USA! 2 Key new websites have been launched. Both complete rebuilds of corporate sites, Firstly the new BMS site has very little to do with myself, other than some testing and the post-it-pin-it integration on the contact page, that said it’s a fantastic design and takes us nicely into the modern web era with clean lines and sharper images. Secondly, the new Redsumo.com website practices what we preach by being a shopping cart solution itself, which is your one-stop shop to getting your new e-commerce site off the ground. I had a number of involvements on this site, more notably on the back-end configuration, than the front end design, but I’ve been working on some of the mobile theme stuff and getting my hands dirty with lots of PHP!

To see the sites click below:

BMS – http://www.beoleymill.co.uk

Redsumo.com – http://www.redsumo.com

Redsumo News – http://www.redsumo.com/blog