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It’s been yet another busy couple of months, separated by my 10 days in sunny Georgia, USA! 2 Key new websites have been launched. Both complete rebuilds of corporate sites, Firstly the new BMS site has very little to do with myself, other than some testing and the post-it-pin-it integration on the contact page, that said it’s a fantastic design and takes us nicely into the modern web era with clean lines and sharper images. Secondly, the new website practices what we preach by being a shopping cart solution itself, which is your one-stop shop to getting your new e-commerce site off the ground. I had a number of involvements on this site, more notably on the back-end configuration, than the front end design, but I’ve been working on some of the mobile theme stuff and getting my hands dirty with lots of PHP!

To see the sites click below:

BMS – –

Redsumo News –

PHP code to list folders in a directory and make them links…


I had a vision of listing all the folders within a web directory so that they were browseable – I.E if you have a parent site with lots of sub sites, how can you create a list that you can just click on to look at them?

The Solution was a snippet of PHP code I put together based on some useful online stuff, none of which answered the problem specifically, so here it is:


$dirs = array_filter(glob(‘*’), ‘is_dir’);
foreach ($dirs as $key => $val) {
    echo “<a href=’$val’>$val</a><br>n”;
I’m quite happy with that one!
The usage is at (note: the sites found here are only for development/ test purposes and are not “live”)