All Tech Photos Over Last 6 Years

For those unaware I am starting a new Infrastructure role in January 2016 and I am very excited about it (if a little nervous)!

In the meantime as I’ve had a nice 2 week Christmas break after leaving the last role, I have managed to collate all my work related/ IT/ Techie photos from the last 6 years of working at IBM, BMS, Redsumo and Magna Interiors/ Grupo Antolin, and here is the link to see all those pics (I’m working on a gallery for this post but the link is good for now)



If you need a photo to be removed, please contact me, but they are all my pictures over the last few years, taken on a variety of phones from Blackberry Curves up to my latest LG G4!


Latest Websites

It’s been yet another busy couple of months, separated by my 10 days in sunny Georgia, USA! 2 Key new websites have been launched. Both complete rebuilds of corporate sites, Firstly the new BMS site has very little to do with myself, other than some testing and the post-it-pin-it integration on the contact page, that said it’s a fantastic design and takes us nicely into the modern web era with clean lines and sharper images. Secondly, the new website practices what we preach by being a shopping cart solution itself, which is your one-stop shop to getting your new e-commerce site off the ground. I had a number of involvements on this site, more notably on the back-end configuration, than the front end design, but I’ve been working on some of the mobile theme stuff and getting my hands dirty with lots of PHP!

To see the sites click below:

BMS – –

Redsumo News –

New Blog – Again!


Welcome to my new blog, this one is intended to give an insight into the daily life of an IT Infrastructure Manager’s role within a small/medium software company. Having just been promoted to Infrastructure Manager at Beoley Mill Software Ltd. I thought it was my time to give back to the community of bloggers out there who’s content I rely on in my daily job to help troubleshoot issues and develop solutions customised to my company’s needs.


I hope that you find the content here useful and I urge you to link back to my site when you do.


Many thanks for visiting.