Latest sites involvement

Over the last week or so I’ve been spending every spare minute from the day job on yet more customer websites. The first of these is a WordPress blog for Adrian Ashby, a terminal cancer patient denied drugs based on his postcode! – the site is built to help raise ¬£50,000 in order to provide the much needed drugs. Go to the site at: – From a technical point of view this site uses a cut down version of the News Blog theme, and features HTML5 video, Auction bidding (using contact forms), and the usual social media¬†integration.

The next site is a remake of which is broken due to malicious code, fortunately due to the new superbike season the site needed a complete revamp anyway, and the site is well underway with a new blogging platform sitting alongside the main site.

There’s another site with some WordPress magic, this is for Blenheim Hall (Pebworth) and their news page will contain posts from a WordPress blog but the content will appear as part of the main site theme, with the blog back-end providing the text only and not a seperate interface, this one is starting to look really good, and once it’s live I will be posting the links and cut down versions of the code used.

WordPress Development

I’ve spent the last 3 days improving my WordPress (and basic web) development skills, almost to a new level. The RedSumo Blog was previously used as a place to post technical findings, a little like how this site started out. There’s posts about PHP, MySQL, Linux etc. But with the way the company has changed, especially recently it was decided to use the blog platform as a way to promote products and services of not just RedSumo itself, but of all the customers who are hosted on the RedSumo servers and/ or designed by the very skilled team.
I have spent numerous hours manually re-coding the “Slicker Press” theme to make the site look a little like a newspaper/ magazine – taking inspiration (on design only!) from The Daily Mail etc.
There’s still a long way to go, however, the site is fully functional and has a few neat little features such as the Yahoo based weather widget, the Featured Posts slider and the customer logos sections.
If you’re interested to see how the developments going, head over to now!