Windows Update kills SSL websites

Here a scenario for you, my company supports around 100 customers worldwide and as that is primarily applications/ CNC support we need access to there system quite often in order to make relevant changes etc. So what happened one day when one of our regular customers has an issue and their VPN connection which works through a browser interface is not working?

Well, naturally I try it on a number of other machines and browsers to find that it is working on them. So that tells me its not the customer firewall blocking our IP and our firewall isn’t blocking theirs (we have no machine specific rules internally) – so then I’m thinking it must be in the Internet Options, but then Firefox and Chrome aren’t always affected by these and its happening in those browsers too.

The Solution~:
Remove Windows Update KB2585542 – What a pain in the butt this is! – seems it messes will ActiveX-killbits and some old fashioned SSL settings. However our customer isn’t an IT company, they have a small team of support staff and no budget to improve their VPN, and therefore I’m afraid I have no choice but to ensure my staff do not install that update!