2017 Stats

In my last post I mentioned that I thought my install stats were somewhere in the 3-4 per month range, turns out I wasn’t too far off on that.

Last week I spent a little time updating my personal documentation and pulling together numbers etc. more so for my own confidence boost but also so I have some collateral to back myself up.

The stats read as follows:

please note I only started making my own notes outside of time entry/calendars in March 2017:

In 7 Months:

  • 24 Technical Engagements (categorised as over half a day solid consulting, not including “support” style assistance) – >3 per month
  • 22 different customers
  • 6 Go-lives supported (3 new/3 upgrades)
  • 8 international projects supported with training/documentation reviews etc.
  • 5/24 were on site engagements
  • 2 formal sysadmin training cources delivered
  • 4 cloud-based upgrades

So yes, I am in the 3-4 per month category and it’s nice to realise I am in the area I thought!